Digital Media in Social Context Essay


Assessment criteria for this work are:
Demonstration of research;
Harvard style referencing;
Demonstration of insight into, understanding of, and interpretation of relevant literature;
Construction and presentation of argument/thesis;
Demonstration of skill in written communication, especially academic argument.
Topics: ( must choose one of them only)
The digital revolution has made us all cyborgs.? Discuss.
The way in which a message is delivered is unimportant. It is only the content of the message that matters.? Discuss.
Written language in the digital era is being eroded and bastardised.? Discuss.
Where are you?? … ?I?m on the mobile.? Discuss.
Images in the digital era cannot be expected to bear any resemblance to the real.? Discuss.
Life in the digital era exists primarily through screens.? Discuss.
Privacy is an outmoded concept. It is not applicable in the age of Facebook, dataveillance and media products such as Big Brother. Discuss.
Panopticism offers useful ways to analyse contemporary digital processes.? Discuss.
Labels such as ?real? and ?virtual? are useless in relation to lives that traverse offline and online worlds in equal measure.? Discuss.