Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety-Manage Hazards in the Work Environment


Assignment 5 Question 3
Electrical Safety
Your requirements are;
Create a electrical visual inspection checklist, eg use AS as reference.
Do an assessment on your electrical tools, eg you could use your home based electrical tools.
As part of a workplace program, you are to put together a toolbox training program to show the importance of electrical safety in your workplace, and stating where you have found your information from.
You are to work in groups
Create a short presentation for class.
Assignment 5 Question 4
Your mission now is to research what HOT WORK is and HOT WORK Permits. Work in groups
Standards that may help are AS1674.1-1997 and AS1674.2-2003.
Your Assignment is to draw up a full procedure and a hot work permit for a workplace.
Place together a tool box talk on it
A short Class presentation to be done
This assignment can be done in pairs.
Assignment 5 Question 5
Confined space assignment
You are to research a confined space for a particular job that needs to be performed.
the nature of the confined space
the task
the hazards involved
the job analysis
the entry permit
the team being used
the emergency response procedure
a power point of the workplace confined space entry
Make sure you use the appropriate codes and standards.