Discuss the safety aspects of (Ultrasound Contrast Agents) USCA


Could you please answer this question considering the Medical physics principles and that the unit name is (Medical Imaging Instrumentation) :
3. Discuss the safety aspects of (Ultrasound Contrast Agent) USCA ?
(a) Are there any risks associated with USCA? If so, describe them.
(b) Is it generally safe to use USCA?
in 1000-1200 words with headings and graphs and in-text referencing following Chicago Author, Date 16th edition.
also it is must to include graphs and figures that help showing the understanding the answer and all the graphs and figures must be numbered and titled and cited following Chicago style.
Important: include illustrations (diagrams, pictures, etc) and at least 7 journal articles published in the last 5 years and to be peer reviewed articles.
Subject: Medical Imaging so it should be under medical physics subject.