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Explain a sculpture that you own or would like to own. First, explain the elements or principles of design, such as, line, shape, form, mass, texture, or color of the sculpture. Second, is this sculpture 3-D in the round or is it a relief sculpture? Finally, why do you like or not like this sculpture?
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CLASSMATE 1 RESPONSES Module 3 Discussion: Krystine Gilley Krystine Gilley
I would love to own a Chihuly sculpture one day. Dale Chihuly makes blown glass sculptures. I don’t currently have a favorite piece from his artwork. These are full round and free standing sculptures. Many of them have a hollow mass, such as the Macchia that he does. The Macchia sculptures look like misshapen pottery vases, except that are made from glass. Imagine the clay pottery mud on a wheel while it is still being formed, how it can be warped while being formed, and then picture it as blown glass. The texture is smooth because it is glass. The colors are vibrant and vary depending on the piece.
I think these blown glass sculptures are beautiful and unique. I love the different shapes and colors of the Dale Chihuly sculptures.
CLASSMATE 2 RESPONSES Module 3 Discussion Rafael Jennings
The sculpture I own is a boat with the Panamanian flag on it. The boat is made of wood and is hollow and is painted red and black. The colors are dull and it has a smooth texture all around it. There are numerous strings holding the mast to the body of the boat. The sculpture is full-round and I have it on top of my television in my living room. I like this sculpture because it reminds me that there is more to the world than just this great country of ours, there are so many countries with very unique and different cultures out there. This sculputure resembles happiness and knowledge to me.