E coli

1-Choose an infectious disease (bacterial group or viral group ) that you want to learn more about and research.
Note “I choose an E coli”
2-You must have at least three (3) references outside of your textbooks.

You may have more than three, but cite ALL references.


One reference must be from a medical textbook (hard copy or via internet)
One reference must be from a medical journal (library copy or via specific journal internet site)
One reference must be from a reputable (i.e. medical school) Internet site.
Format for Infectious Disease Paper ::

Cover Sheet — Title, Date, Course & Section, Name, CWID-4 (last 4 digits) : centered on page (WHICH I WILL BE DOING THIS)

Introduction — History of disease (when discovered / how discovered / who discovered, causative agent(s), etc)

Major Portion of paper should include information based on

Four (4) major Bacterial Species in Genera chosen or Four (4) maor Viral Genera [-virus] in Family [-viridae] chosen that includes

a. Signalment History [HX] (who gets disease –> sex, age, race, etc AND how they get it)
b. Clinical Signs (disease syndrome, chief complaint [cc])
c. Differential Diagnosis [DDx] (what other diseases could it be) based on clinical presentation
d. Diagnostic Tests [Dx] done (Blood work, Radiographs, MRI, etc) and why. What test(s) will give a positive or confirming result. Definitive test if any.
e. Specific Treatment [TX] options (types of medications used & why, mechanism of action [MOA], and any major side effects, etc.)
f. How is this disease prevented or controlled?
g. Prognosis [PX] (outcome –> disease cured, palliative, fatal, etc.)
h. Any alternative therapies or new research being done on treatment, cure, diagnostics?? (may or may not have info)

Conclusion :: Nursing care you would give for this patient as well as five things you would discuss with your patient and/or their family with regards to this disease/condition.

Bibliography page :: cited references, using correct MLA or APA format (online source or writing center and remember, this does not count as your third page).