This essay/report is group work on my course entitled E-Commerce. There are 3 of us in the group, we are all writing our parts separately, we are only writing introduction and conclusion together.
So you don’t need to write it as a whole essay, as my partners are writing their parts themselves and I’m just adding this part which you will write to the whole report. You just need to answer the following questions on the company I’ve chosen, which is iTUNES.
Please do give a brief introduction on iTunes. (Please note you are working on iTunes, and not any other Apple brand).
• Advertising/marketing using Social Media. Each member of the group should choose one of the following companies (iTunes) that actively advertise and engage on Facebook and Twitter. Which Facebook and/or Twitter marketing tools do they use? What advertisement methods do they use? How do they conduct their campaigns? What are the possible risks of using social media in this way? How could they improve the way they use social media for advertising/marketing?
Your work will be assessed according to the following criteria which are not evenly weighted, the more important criteria appear earlier in the list:
1. Intellectual Qualities Expressed
2. Structural Organisation
3. Level of Reading
4. Quality of Referencing
5. Writing Style
Please include approximately 7 to 8 sources/references, and please take your time as the work is worth a lot in overall grade.