Eco -challenge reflective journal and evaluation


Order type: AssignmentSubject: Environmental IssuesAcademic level: UndergraduateStyle: APA

This task requires individuals to select an action priority for change towards sustainability in the preservice teacher’s own life The individual journal has 2 components .Part A I already did it pls see the upload below .,What I need it Part B ( I will upload the doc;the part where is written with blue Now!!In weeks 5-11 you need to implement your action plan and collect data to evidence improvement in your life style for the selected area of priority over this period of time .You need to collect regular evidence of your action troughout the period of time and present a final evaluation and reflection on your achievement.This evaluation and reflection will have s written component.Part B should include :1)A summary of data collection that demonstrate the regularity with which it was collected (e.g. a table of weekly data ;photographs to visually present action )2)A summary comparison of your “”before and after “data to demonstrate the overall improvement you achieved in your lifestyle (use summary tables and graphs as well as written statements of achievement)3)An elaborate of the literature around the selected priority area including why it is a sustainability issue, what the implication are for local and global community ,and what individuals, local national and global communities need to be doing to assist transition to s more sustainable lifestyle.4)A reflection on the progress you made over the action period includes any issues or challenges encountered, sources of support,how you feel about the results you have achieved , and the impact of your actions on your thinking about sustainability in regard to the priority area .This summary reflection should be based on weekly reflective journal entries , which must bd attached as an apendix.I will upload the Part A the assignment . Pls see bellow ..Now I need Part B !