Answer ONE Domestic policy essay and ONE foreign policy essay:

1. Domestic policy has frequently shaped the federal government’s role in the economy. Discuss two domestic programs from the post WW II period and after describing these programs, discuss how they affected the role of the federal government in state politics. (Ex. Desegregation, The Great Society, the War on Drugs, etc.)

2. Race, ethnicity, class and gender have shaped American politics. Choose 2 periods or events from US History (after WW II) and discuss how these forces (race, class, gender) affected American politics.

1. After WW II, the US government frequently justified US intervention around the world for political reasons, however, it was usually as much about economic factors. Discuss the validity of this statement. Make sure to discuss at least 2 case studies.
2. Globalization is both a blessing and a curse to the US economy and to its security. Refer to at least 2 case studies to discuss the validity of this statement.