Edward Snowden

1; Describe and evaluate the importance of Edward Snowden. Is he a hero or a traitor, or something in between?
For your project to qualify as real research, you must develop real questions; that is, you cannot pose too many questions for which you already know the answer. For an issue with opposing viewpoints, you must research and summarize both sides. You should not take a position on the issue until the very end of your research project. Concretely, this means you should not offer up an opinion on your chosen issue until you get to the ‘Discussion & Conclusion’ .
To help you out, I have drafted some research questions for each of the topic areas; I will also include a discussion section next week where you can share ideas
1. Snowden a hero or a menace? What are the arguments in favor of each position? Who believes each point of view and are they (the believers) trustworthy? Which side is more credible? Why?
The first step of this assignment is to write and submit a Research Proposal that includes the following:
• Your proposed research topic;
• An annotated bibliography of at least four sources of information about the topic. Your bibliography should follow standard MLA bibliographic format and include a few comments about what information it will provide;
• At least four research questions about the topic. You may use the ones I drafted above;
• At least one paragraph of discussion in which you tell me why you are interested in this topic and what you hope to learn from your inquiry.
• At least two potential contentions regarding the issue, preferably opposing contentions.