Emotional Intelligence

For this exercise, you will complete a free emotional intelligence report on the web. While there are several free versions on the web, try the following – it takes about 35-45min but it is very thorough and is based on psychological tests and academic research: http://testyourself.psychtests.com/testid/2092. You will get a free overview report at the end and then it will give you an opportunity to purchase a full detailed report for $2.95. Please do not feel obligated to purchase this full report (only do so if you wish to, but it is NOT part of your assignment nor is it required.) All you need is the free overview that looks like the following (yes, this was my output—looks like I have some work to do!):

Once you have completed the emotional intelligence test, write a 1-page, single-spaced, 1 in margin, 12 pt font report answering the following questions (note that it is fine to restate the question in your report):
1. What is a definition of emotional intelligence? (Wikipedia is fine)
2. How did the questions in the survey you took relate to this definition?
3. Summarize the results of your survey?
4. How will knowing these results help you understand how to manage teams or be a better team member?
5. Do you think you can change your emotional intelligence? Discuss why or why not and how you might go about making these changes.
6. How so the concepts of emotional intelligence connect the concepts taught in Chapter 5 (Team Identity, Emotion, and Development)?