Endangered Species San Marcos Salamaders

Presentation should be a total of 15 mins in length

I. The natural history of the species, which include such as: taxonomy, habitat, range (range maps), feedinf ( are they omnivore?

Gap limited carnivore? etc…) What does it eat and what eats it?, offspring( when do they sexual maturity? how many offsprings per

reproductive event?, and lifespan. Feel free to add more!!
II. The present threat to the species.
III. The proposed management techniques to facilitate species recovery.
IV. Critique the plan, listing its strengths and weaknesses
V. and suggest any changes or additions that you feel would strengthen the efficacy of the plan.
-You are welcomed to embed short videos.
-Animate slides sparingly
-No more than 6 bullets per slide and no more than 6 words per bullet as a general rule.
-feel free to use figures, graphs, and maps to illustrate your point.

*Adequately explain natural history
* Adequately explain present threats
* Adequately explain proposed management techniques
* Adequately critique the species recovery plan where it can be found
* Adequately organized the presentation