ASSESSMENTS ASSESSMENTS Assessment 1 (30%) – Individual Written Report – Concept of Operations and System Specification The assignments in this course are all based on the development of a so-called Capability Baseline for a proposed, new system (an Air-Deployable Amphibious Vehicle). Students will develop project documents based on those used in the Australian Department of Defence (DoD) Two-Pass Process, described in the DoD Defence Capability Development Process (Commonwealth of Australia, 2006). See electronic copy of defence capabilities here: In this first assignment, you will develop the concept of how the new system will operate. From this, some new capabilities (either in the form of new technologies or new design) will be required to be researched and developed. These new capabilities will push the system specification to a higher level. This assessment is a free format submission in which you need to answer the following questions: 5 • List and describe all modes of operations of the new system. • Specify the technical requirements of the system, e.g. number of soldiers, duration of operations, speed, freedom of manoeuvre, etc. • A sketch of your overall system Submit this assignment individually in MS Word or pdf format.