Submit a description of the type of project you’ve chosen to do, and the topical area you expect to focus your attention on. Your description will need to provide an overview and justification for your choice of topic, including an explanation about what makes the technology or system chosen truly innovative, and how the topic fits with a broader understanding of industrial engineering. It is acceptable at this point to have a topic in mind that is still a bit broader than that which you will finally focus on. It is also acceptable at this point to describe multiple topical areas if you remain undecided. Each should be specific enough at this point to set an appropriate direction for background reading and the development of your overall framework.
Remember that your semester project is a research paper on a fairly novel system of some engineering or technology, and not a design report about how that solution might work. You are to research and write a paper on your topic. We’re interested in how such a system might work, but more importantly, we’re interested in why it isn’t necessarily commonly used today, what barriers there might be to such systems, what might be done to make the system a reality, and how industry and society might have to make adjustments to enable the system or to avoid the pitfalls of such systems. These are the issues we’re concerned about in industrial engineering.