Ans the following question and Read the book- CH.2
Part III. Interpreting Evidence.

Explain the meaning of each of the following quotes.

1. “Ambition set me apart.”

Section I.

2. “From his mother and father the boy learns to trust spontaneity and nonrational ways of knowing… Teachers emphasize the value of a reflectiveness that opens up a space between thinking and immediate action.”

3. “She would go no further. So she willed all her ambition to her children.”

Section II.

4. “I vacuumed books for epigrams, scraps of information, ideas, themes – anything to fill the hollow within me and make me feel educated.”

Section III.

5. “If the scholarship boy, from a past so distant from the classroom, could remain in some basic way unchanged, he would be able to prove that it is possible for anyone to become educated without basically changing from the person one was.”

Part IV. Extension.

In many ways, Rodriguez’s chapter is about irony – the expectation of a moment that is the opposite of what one expects. Describe a time in your life that has been ironic, and connect it to Rodriguez’s discovery about education.