Q1 Mr. Altchek, CEO of Mic, is faced with the dilemma of one of his employees, Mr. Pavelski, lying to him for time off. What is Mr. Pavelski’s reason for taking time off, and what does he actually do?
(Read article called What Happens When Millennials Run the Workplace?) attached

Q2 :How would wellness programs directly impact a company’s employees’ absences?
( Read article called Why Ignoring Employee Wellness is A Mistake) Attached

Q3 Find one example of one of the dimensions of procedural justice from the article. Define the dimension of procedural justice and explain how the article illustrates the dimension
(Read the article called “Workplace Democracy Catches On”) Attached.

Q4: What are “solutions” according to Wells-Fargo?
(Read the article called “Wells Fargo” Attached)

Q5: What specific iPhone model is the FBI trying to unlock and how does the FBI want Apple to assist them?(Read this article called “Apple” Attached

Q 6 : List two coping strategies that blue chip companies such as Netflix and Amazon are using to address the onset of millennial workers who are starting families. Do you think that these strategies will benefit or harm the organizations implementing them (Read the article called “Family Leave” attached to