English Task

Task: Use the characteristics of Gothic Literature to compose a short story in the style of classic Gothic Literature. You may take

creative liberties with your work, but must it incorporate all of the required characteristics that are listed below
: The story should be a MINIMUM of two pages, typed in 12pt. font and double spaced. Papers follow the standard MLA format and must

include a creative title.
A frame story like in “Are You Afraid of the Dark”
Setting and tone must be appropriate (atmosphere of mystery and suspense):
Haunted house
Ruins of some sort
Darkness (room without light)
3. High emotion (anger, sorrow, surprise, and especially terror)
4. Secret passageways, rooms or doors; supernatural or unexplained events;
ancient prophecy or ancestral curse
5. Presence of ghosts, vampires, religious figures, murderers, monsters, or woman in distress (often
abandoned and fainting in horror)
6. At least THREE Gothic style plot, set