Environmental Pollution

1,500 word analysis of the 2 lab experiments performed (Ecotoxicity testing of chemicals using Daphnia magna and soil science practical).
The write-up should be in two parts, covering each of the experiments and analysis of the results. A full write-up (background, methods,

results, discussion and conclusion) is not required, instead the focus should be on data analysis, discussion of the meaning of the results and

how they can be used to assess fate and impacts of environmental pollutants.
For each experiment, include a brief introduction, present class results and analysis (this should include statistics where appropriate), and a

discussion. The discussion should consider the following: Variability in the data (what are the causes and how does this affect any

interpretation), the environmental relevance of the data (what does this tell us about the behaviour of pollutants in the environment, their

fate and their ecological impacts. How can we use this data in environmental management?) . It is important in the discussion that you use

relevant literature to support your arguments in addition to the class results.
Where specific questions were included in the practical hand-out / instructions, please ensure that your analysis of the experimental results

addressed these questions explicitly.
Tables and figures (and their titles), reference list and appendices don’t contribute to the word count. Citations within the text do count

towards the word limit.
There is NO leeway on the word limit