Epidemiological report

To help you plan your epidemiological report and to get feedback from your module leader, complete the following questions. Keep this outline

to 2 pages maximum. A submission link will be available on Moodle

Brief introduction

• What is the rationale for the study?

• How does it fit into current the social, political, economic or health care context?

• Why is the outcome measure(s) important?

• Is there a supporting theory for the study?

Research question(s)

Based on what you have said in the background, introduction and literature review sections, what is the specific research question that aim to

answer through your study?

(Use, the PICO method to do this – see Moodle). This should be one or two very specific research questions that are achievable using the

methods that you propose. For example: a) describing trends over time or across populations in a health outcome or health behaviour; b)

describing relationships between and exposures, outcomes and/or behaviours (150 words)).


• What is the source of the data?

• Is it individual or aggregated data?

• What study design will you use?

• What is the sample size?

• What are the sampling methods?

• What are the main variables of interest?