Essay 2 (Regrets)

For this essay, you will choose from one of the following prompts: (I am writing on “something you regret “)
1. Write a narrative essay about something you regret doing or not doing, something you wish you could undo. That thing could be an

action, a failure to act, a statement, a failure to say something—anything that, in hindsight, has caused you to think, “I wish I

had said or done something else instead.”

Requirements* -2 1/2 full pages -1 outside source (try using an inspirational quote). This means a Works Cited page is required, but

it is not included in the page length. -MLA format-No second person -Free of grammar and punctuation errors.

“Hi, – One of the requirements is to not use any second person, and within the first few lines, second person is used several times.

Also — The first paragraph should be introducing your story, but I can tell there are many details of the story within this

paragraph because it’s huge.”