Please read carefully.

In this essay, you will analyze the use of literary elements in the development of theme.
Your essay should be a response to this prompt:
Choose one poem and one short story from material that I uploaded, and discuss how the use of at least one particular literary element used in both the poem and the story helps to develop their particular themes.
This is the central question you will need to explore:
How does the use of one or more literary elements develop at least one particular theme in the works of material that I uploaded?
For example, let’s say you decide to write about imagery (sensory details) because you find that there’s a lot of power in the images throughout the assigned stories and poems in material that I uploaded. A lot of them seem to suggest something about losing love, or finding it. You note that sometimes that love is romantic and sometimes it’s love of another kind. You decide on one poem that has some images and other sensory details you could use as examples of this, and then you find one story that also has imagery that suggest a lost or found love. You decide you can talk about different types of love imagery for four pages if you have enough examples.
You also have the option to add a third poem or short story, which must come material that I uploaded. You will not necessarily write a more successful essay by adding a third work to it, however if you think a third poem or story could help to advance your idea about how certain literary elements can develop certain themes, then you should add it.

Writing Process and deadlines for each phase:
Topic idea deadline: February 22 (1-3 sentences)
Outline deadline: February 24 (Give to me Outline)
First draft (with works cited page) deadline: March 1
Final draft (with works cited page) deadline: March 8.

Every step in the process above must be submitted on time in order for the final draft to be accepted. At minimum, a first draft must be submitted at least three days prior to the final draft.

Basic content and form requirements:
-clear thesis statement and developed paragraphs that advance the thesis.
-demonstration of analysis that is supported by evidence from the textbook and from at least one academic source outside of the textbook.*
-demonstration of close reading with attention to formal elements of poetry and fiction such as sound, word choice, symbolism, character, point of view, plot/structure, and other elements introduced in the assigned readings.
-clear organization and sustained focus on the prompt and on the selected poems and short stories.
*Academic sources for this essay should be found using the library database system. If you choose to use basic internet searches instead (not recommended, mainly because of the time you save and the free subscriptions you have when using the library system), please note that “academic” for our purposes means articles or books that are written by experts. Any online source that is a wiki or has a domain name ending in .com or .info is not generally considered an academic source. Aim for .edu and .gov sources. Use discretion with .org sites or sites with other domains not listed here. One type of exception to this rule would be a reputable newspaper that ends in .com (i.e. This means Wikipedia does not count as a source.
One database that could be useful is the Literature resource in the Gale Virtual Reference Library. There is even a “Short Stories for Students Series,” which his critical essays on literature.