Write a 3 page APA formatted deliverable where you substantively support your choices using the critical path as a source of credibility and validation. Include at least 4 peer-reviewed references. This will require you to use MS Word and/or EXCEL to support calculations and use flowcharts, tables, and graphs. It is recommended that you review the Critical Path thoroughly in the textbook. Then build your Critical Path. Include your techniques and charts.

Address Following Questions:

Which of the articles gave what you believe to be the most value in relationship to critical path?
Explain why.
Based on what you have read in the chapters and in the articles do you see a relevant critical path for your project forming, if so explain what it might look like and roughly how many tasks will your project include?
Will all of your critical tasks be deemed critical and will they potentially have dependencies?
Focus on structure, processes, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, control, and metrics. Discuss.