Imagine you were to seek counselling for yourself in relation to a current issue. In this assessment you are asked to identify the

qualities that would be important in the counsellor you chose to work with for your own personal counselling. Your response will be

based on relevant academic literature as well as personal reflection. You do not have to go into details about your issue, just

mention it briefly.
In addressing this question you will need to:
1. Briefly describe your issue. This issue should be something of moderate concern that you would like to change, such as

something that is causing you stress or worry.
2. Describe the model or type of counselling that you believe would be most appropriate for you and the kind of issues you

would like help with, and give reasons for your choice/s.
3. Describe a micro skill you would hope your counsellor would use and explain why you think this microskill would be effective

in helping with your issue.
4. Refer to relevant academic literature (journal articles and books) to support your reasoning. You must also make reference

to at least 3 academic references (journal articles or textbooks), not including the textbook.
5. Adhere to APA 6 formatting and referencing guidelines

Please Create your own and relevant issue.Be creative.