Essay, English Literature (Classic and Modern)

Project description
Choose one of the following questions and construct a 1-2 page (250-500 word) typed response. It is not a formal essay but it should demonstrate your knowledge of the readings and the relationships between the texts we are discussing. Make sure that you go beyond plot summary to make an argument about the relationships between the texts, their specific details.

1. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein depicts the problems and possibilities brought about by revolutionary ideas—for example, in science, politics, and religion. How does the novel represent the lasting impact of such ideas? Do these revolutions mark progress or lead to regression? What is the future of civilization as depicted within the novel?

2. Frankenstein represents the educations of Victor Frankenstein and his creature. How does Shelley depict these processes? What texts are central to their developments? What do they learn of the world from these texts? How do these educations shape the characters’ identities and sense of the outside world?

3. Frankenstein is a text that is central to the British literary tradition and, as a result, has been adapted into other forms. Choose an example of an adaptation of the Frankenstein storyline and make a case for how it makes use of the original work. Consider what is adapted and what is retained as you construct an argument about how Frankenstein is used to make meaning in the modern world.