ethical views of all the philosophers

In this paper you will compare the ethical views of all the philosophers we have studied. Please explain in detail the various elements on which they agree and disagree. You may approach this question in a variety of ways. For example, you may present your analysis thematically by explaining how each philosopher views the ethical issues of the highest good, happiness, virtue, duty, character, the place of God in ethics, pleasure, etc. Or you may approach the issue by comparing pairs of thinkers (for example, Kant vs. Mill and Aquinas vs. Aristotle; or Kant vs. Aristotle and Mill vs. Aquinas, etc.), so long as all philosophers are treated.

Be sure to provide thorough and clear explanations of each philosopher’s position and how they arrived at that position (that is, their arguments for their views). Last, present your own argument for why you believe one ethical system is better than the others. (Note: I am here looking for an argument, not an opinion—recall the essay on hard thinking from Week 1).