Ethical relativists hold that our values are relative to our culture and there is essentially no objective right and wrong. Another form of ethical relativism is cultural ethical relativism in which society shapes the ethical values and provides the foundation for moral judgments. Cultural ethical relativism explains why ethical viewpoints differ from society to society and that neither is considered correct or incorrect.
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Louis C.K. and Philosophy

Moral Relativism
Then respond to the following:
• Comedian Louis C.K. is skillful in capturing the cognitive dissonance we experience between our moral beliefs and our actual moral behavior. To what extent is Louis C.K. right that our lives are evil? How might the theory of ethical or cultural relativism help us in our approach to this question?
• What are the three most important virtues by which you live? Identify any comedian or any form of comic medium that represents these virtues and describe the representation. Please include a link to a clip (or article) that best illustrates your point.

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