Be sure to label the name of the character and virtue you will examine in this forum. and your social issue. Discuss the strengths and

weaknesses of Virtue Ethics and tell which character(s) and virtue(s) you could imitate regarding your issue.
Virtue Ethics depends on character, not rules. An ancient form of character analysis was astrology. It assigned different virtues to the

different signs and people born under those signs. Consider the virtues you exemplify in your own life. Also consider the vices. Begin

by identifying the virtues and vices common to your astrological sign –evaluate the accuracy of this list (and perhaps look up others),

and tell stories to demonstrate the role of these qualities in your life. Are there other virtues/vices you recognize in yourself. Find a

contemporary or historical character whose birth sign is the same as yours and discuss how this person might serve as a role model for

• Aries: Vice: Aggression // Virtue: Determination.
• Taurus: Vice: Stubbornness // Virtue: Patience.
• Gemini: Vice: Indecision // Virtue: Adaptability.
• Cancer: Vice: Envy // Virtue: Nurture.
• Leo: Vice: Indolence // Virtue: Hope.
• Virgo: Vice: Arrogance // Virtue: Wisdom.
• Libra: Vice: Passiveness // Virtue: Compassion.
• Scorpio: Vice: Control// Virtue: Dedication
• Sagittarius: Vice: Laziness// Virtue: Luck
• Capricorn: Vice: Pessimism// Virtue: Ambition
• Aquarius: Vice: Recklessness// Virtue: Independence
• Pisces: Vice: Escapism// Virtue: Intuition
Al Also consult this site that compares the virtues in astrology to those in Aristotle’s philosophy