European Studies


(According to a recent Eurobarometer survey “six out of ten Europeans see themselves as citizens of the European Union. […] Conversely, 38% of respondents do not feel that they are European citizens.”).
– Explain and contextualise the above statement. Choose Russia and Croatia and explain why their citizens might not define themselves as Europeans.
– Explore how defining themselves as European might interact with concepts of national and regional identity.
It is important that you establish your argument based on the material covered in this course, including the set readings, rather than repeating the Eurobarometer findings. (Your argument does not have to replicate the Eurobarometer survey findings.)
– please use the attachment in the essay.
– include introduction and conclusion.
– you might get this kind of essay from my friends, AVOID PLAGIARISM.
Support your argument with references to relevant literature.
-there is one of the attachment that show the marking criteria that you should follow carefully.