Evaluating a Health Care System

Evaluating a Health Care System


The purpose of this Assignment is to select one health care system from around the world and, using evidence based and peer reviewed resources, evaluate the effectiveness of the system.


In Unit 3 you read about a number of health care delivery systems throughout the world. Using research with three (3) evidence based, peer reviewed resources, the final step in understanding each health care system is evaluating its effectiveness for the population it serves. In this 2–3 page evaluative essay, excluding the title page and reference page, you will discuss:

An introduction to the health care system you have chosen to evaluate. (Any country BUT the U.S.’s healthcare system) (1 paragraph)
The population’s access to health care (1 paragraph)
The type of health care delivery system (i.e.- publicly funded, private, single payer, etc.) (2-3 paragraphs)
The effectiveness of the healthcare system for the population (3-4 paragraphs)
A brief comparison to the U.S. healthcare system (may use a simple chart or table)
Conclusion (1 paragraph)

Note: the number of paragraphs is a suggestion, not a requirement and the evaluative essay should be continuous writing with a sustained point of view. Learner autonomy can be used to develop the amount of content you include within the page limitations of the Assignment.
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