Event Management

Learning outcomes to be assessed through this work LO2 Analyse project management frameworks and demonstrate their use for event management
LO5 evaluate a project utilising quantitative and/or qualitative data of key operational factors

Assessment Task:

Submit an individual final report of the management and evaluation of the project (2500 words)
The report must be word-processed and in business report format, in third person for sections 1-3 but may use 1st person for section 4, appendices should only contain supporting documents. Appendices and excessive material will not be marked. Must use correct MMU Harvard Referencing in your report.

Individual Final Report 40%

You must include the following

1. Evaluation of your SMART objectives for the project discussing the importance of these and how they have been achieved. Make sure that you relate this back to academic literature on the nature of objectives for projects.

2 An Evaluation of the live event that utilises research methodology, you will need to evaluate your approach and choice of qualitative and quantitative data collection tools, make sure that you utilise academic literature to justify the tools used. This can include, attendee questionnaires, interviews with attendees, interviews with staff at the venue, interview with client and generalfeedback on the event.

3. Using Tum, Norton and Wright (2011) event operations model for quality performance you need to analyse two of the following areas:

• Project Planning and tools utilized for you project this will include WBS, reaching key milestones and utilising minutes of meetings to justify your comments.

• Resource strategy for your project, this will include fundraising strategy and cost allocation as well as analysis of budget control measures

• Using academic theory on teamwork by Belbin (1993) and Tuckman (1965), evaluate the teamwork demonstrated during your planning and delivery of your event.

• Event design and target market analysis

• Production and logistics of your event,

• Stakeholder management, this will include client liaison and venue and supplier management processes

• Marketing strategy for your event, detailed analysis of marketing and the success of the methods used

4. Conclusion and recommendations – based on your own performance and role taken during the event, reflect on the project as a whole, giving recommendations of how you would improve or use the lessons you have learned for future events. Remember that in this section; you MAY write in first person as this is a personal reflection.