Evidenced Based Practice Assignment

Assignment Overview:Assignment Overview: 1. Choose a nursing intervention commonly used in nursing practice.  A suggestion might be to explore interventions listed in Nurse’s Pocket Guide in Nursing Central.2.                Find and analyze scholarly, research-based articles that support or challenge the use of this intervention and identify a new evidence-based intervention to address the issue.3.                 Based on this literature review, present a case for continuing or discontinuing this intervention in current nursing practice.  Arguments for and against each intervention should have sound rationale supported by the research literature. Example: The issue of testing pH of gastric contents for confirmation of NG placement is well researched and the problems of auscultation for insufflation of air are well documented, yet the practice continues, why?  Is the practice based on research, if not, why does it continue?  You will be doing research to determine what literature says SHOULD be done and if it’s not being done, analyze why it is not being done Objectives:
Students will:1. Successfully utilize resources to locate at least seven scholarly, peer-reviewed articles2. Review and critically evaluate research literature located4. Write a formal paper demonstrating how evidence-based practice literature informs best practice.5. Present findings from paper to group of peers6. Accurately evaluate self as a presenter Part 1:  The Paper Guidelines  (Spirit of Inquiry)
Section I- Introduction:  Briefly introduce the topic and clearly define the purposes and direction for writing this paper.  State the nature of the problem, supported by statistics, and introduce the intervention(s) being evaluated.The introduction must succinctly state you are addressing the sections outlined below.  Do not label this section as “introduction.”
Section II- History of Nursing Practice:  Begin by briefly discussing the nature of problem the intervention addresses.  Describe the current nursing intervention then discuss the roots and history of the practice and/or previous research. Introduce a new intervention or practice emerging to address the identified problem.
Section III- Review of Literature Examining the Intervention:  A. Analyze current research that discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the current nursing intervention.Analyze current research that discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the emerging intervention or practice.  The analyses should consider whether the literature supports continuing or discontinuing the current practice or the emerging practice.  Support your analysis by referencing the literature.  In reporting the findings, include statistical information.
B. After analyzing the research on both positions, choose EITHER to continue or discontinue the current practice. Support this position with rationale from the research.
Section IV- Discuss Barriers Limiting Implementation: Identify barriers that may challenge implementation of the emerging Evidenced Based Practice intervention.  Provide at least four recommendations for overcoming the potential barriers.   Section V- Conclusion: Summarize and conclude your paper.  Use the conclusion to tie the paper together.  Your conclusion should address issues raised in your introductory paragraph.  Conclusion should parallel the introduction and briefly summarize what was presented in the body of the paper.  It needs to state that what was said would be addressed in the introduction was presented in the paper.
Overall Professional Style and Use of APA Format:This papermust be typewritten (5–6 pages of text excluding title and reference page) and in APA format.  Professional style of writing includes correct grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, neatness, and clarity.  The tone is professional, without casual language.  The paper must include a title and reference page.  A minimum of 7 scholarly journals, 5 within the past 5 years, must be cited.
This site will help you with APA.  http://www.apastyle.org/elecsource.htmlChoose the free tutorial “Basics of APA “