Excel Basics


Write a tutorial, you must thoroughly teach your reader about Excel Basics . You are to create an original tutorial. Brief quotations from authoritative sources are great, but the vast majority of the content should be your original work. Be authoritative. Find related web content, discuss how it relates to the concept, and provide the URL to your reader. Pick quality resources and integrate them into your tutorial; don’t rely solely on Wikipedia or use random non-authoritative sites. Include 2-3 appropriate images. Note: observe copyright rules as working for a for-profit company. “Fair use” does not apply to you. Management recommends using digital content that is public domain, has an appropriate Creative Commons license, or that you have created yourself.
You must always properly acknowledge your sources.
If you created it, take credit. e.g. “Copyright Albert Alligator, 2013.”
Otherwise, give appropriate credit to the content creator, including the URL where the content and grant of rights can be found