Exploration of social impact bonds

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Social impact bonds are an emerging response by social policy makers and service providers to a changing social and economic environment. In this paper, you will explore the potential and limitations of social impact bonds as policy response to domestic violence.Your paper will have 3 parts:your paper should include a review of the international and local literature for social impact bonds.your paper should explore the possible policy, practice, economic and ethical implications of application of a social impact bond model in domestic violence in the Australian context.Drawing on your analysis from your first assignment discuss the potential and limitations of a social impact bond model for domestic violence. if it is to work, why? If not, why not?ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA:1. Scoped your to allow you to address all elements in appropriate depth2. Provided an exploration of the potential and limitations of social impact bonds as discussed in international and national literature.3. Provided a coherent discussion on the possible policy, practice, economic and ethical implication of a social impact model in domestic violence using credible evidence.4. Provided a coherent argument that sets out a series of claims in relation to part 3 of the task and supported these claims with reasons and credible evidence ( at least 15 credible sources- no newspaper articles or media releases)5. Thought through your argument in terms of the assumptions you have made, it’s logic and any rebuttal that might be open to those that would challenge your position.6. Provided a clear structure for the overall paper with an appropriate introduction and conclusion that adequately sums up the argument.7. Demonstrated the capacity to deliver the elements of good writing in terms of spelling grammar, punctuation, structure etc.8. Appropriately referenced your work using the HARVARD system===============