Exploring an Object


In this assignment you are going to explore, describe, and discuss your experience of a visual object (a real, specific, physical object—not the idea of an object or a class / type of object, such as “soda cans” or “flags” in general, but this soda can, this flag, some thing that you can interact with in terms of body / senses as well as think about in the abstract). First you will explore the object as a visual object, then examine your experience of it. The goal is to explore the relationship(s) between a physical, visual object and how you, as an individual, actually experience that object. The object is part of your everyday life for a reason(s). Someone’s reason(s). It plays some role in your life (no matter how small, no matter how relevant / irrelevant, e.g. is it simply an annoyance? / it does not have to be something important to you, or that holds personal significance, or be something that you believe “communicates” about you—you may discover if the object does or does not). Let’s find out as much as we can about the object and your experience of it.