Extended definition essay

standard MLA formatting with a four-line heading, centered title, and a header
Times new Roman, size 12, consistently double spaced.
Point of view
you must write using third person, objective point of view.
audience are people in the social work career path.
Word count
your thesis must follow the formula: term being defined + category + relevant characteristics
basic example: love is an emotion that is expressed with acts of kindness
The thesis will define “personal responsibility“ this is your term,in the context of the work place (social work)
As you think about your thesis, also consider by exploring this topic is important. Convey the relevance of Your essay.
-the last sentence of your first paragraph should be your thesis
body paragraph
– the first sentence of each body paragraph should be your opinion
-explore the criteria of the relevant characteristics and provide examples – explore the exclusions or limitations of the criteria
this assignment does require research; therefore, you must have In-text citations and a works cited page in your essay.
1. You must utilize in correctly site information from one video from the Internet.
2. You must utilize and correctly site information from one source from the library database.
3. You must utilize and correctly site information from any other source your choice.
Since you must use at least three sources, you should have at least three sources listed alphabetically on your works cited page and

you should have at least three different In-text citations in your essay.