fashion communication and Internship

Please be sure to use your classmates’ names in your communication.
Please pay closer attention to spelling and grammar.

A) Business Networking
In one of your readings this week, “Business Networking Tipsand Techniques for Networking Events and Networking Websites”, describe one of the ten essential principles and how you would apply it to yourself.
Why is networking so important to job seekers?
With whom, where, and when should you network?
Who are the best kinds of contact networks?
What people should be in your network?
What is the biggest mistake a job seeker can make with networking?
B)  Do you have a favorite fashion magazine? What do you like about it and what might you change if given the power?
In this week’s Required Resources article ” Print is not Dead, but Most of the Magazine Industry will be Digital in 2020″, the report’s author says we can expect to see a great change “from primarily a print-oriented business to one where digital products will represent the largest share of a smaller periodical industry. We expect digital to be the primary source of revenue for magazines past the 2016-2017 time frame.”
Do you feel fashion magazines will ever be (totally) replaced by digital media? why or why not?Do you prefer reading an actual magazine or its digital counterpart? please explain

Print is not Dead, but Most of the Magazine Industry will be Digital in 2020