Fashion Marchandising

Please write about those questions BASED ON MY CLOTH STORE INFORMATION.
MINIMUM 550 words.
MY CLOTHING STORE (Embroidered Grow in the Dark)
The style revolves around dark colors as black matches almost all colors. Designers would make hue colors embroidery to produce a unique fashion that would attract the attention of many. The secret around Embroidery clothing is confidence in whatever a person wears as it mostly involves oversize dresses and with dark colors. Today, embroidery can adapt all types of clothing from dresses, shirts, trousers, skirts, blouses, blazers to shoes and bags. The women would like to match their dress with the shoes and handbags hence embroidery is the ideal fashion for them.

Target Consumer: Our target customer is mid twenty to early thirty’s dancers or artists who live in urban city area such as East London, Williamsburg, Bushwick those are pretty hippie area. They want combine fashion with art together to express themselves as extraordinary that they do not want to wear similar style as people who dress up plain. So, they are sick of printing garments, and normal shaped garment that is too normal for them to wear. However, they are artist so they cannot spend too much on clothing they need to buy art supplies as well. But they also don’t want to get cheap clothes like H&M, Zara, Forever 21 etc. Their budget is around $500 to $800 per month for clothing.

【Please write those questions.】

Merchandising: Explain the methods you will use to notify your target customer of your new “line” and discuss how you plan to merchandise your private label product in your stores. In this segment you will discuss original price, any promotional by percentage off (I WILL OFF FOR BLACK FRIDAY I HAVE A 20 %OFF FOR COAT)
Promotional events and displays that will be used to present your product, placement in your stores (rack type, table, wall – where in the store will the product be placed).
Summary/Conclusion: Briefly explain why you chose the product(s) you chose to “knock off,. (Is it an emerging trend?) 【my design inspiration is Yohji Yamamoto’s design. his clothes are unique and make Impact on consumer. And monochromatic photo is also inspired for me. Our target customer is like Artist that are painter, illustrator and skater..etc. so they interested and wearing “unique street style” . I’m gonna change traditional print garments to Embroidery garments, and make more stylish and unique style. 】
Do you feel you have satisfied your target customer with a fashion forward product line of acceptable quality and at appropriate price points? Have you dazzled your customer and your storeowners who challenged you with this assignment?