Film Review

For this project, you will choose and view a film from the following list:
“The Politics of Belief: Protestantism and the State [length = 60:00 minutes]” from The Protestant Revolution
“Decline of the Muslim Empires, [length = 1:37 minutes]” from Secrets of the Koran
“Working Lives, [length = 20:00 minutes]” from The Industrial Revolution
“The Growth of Towns and Cities, [length = 19:00 minutes]” from The Industrial Revolution
I will watch all of these movies, so it will not matter which one you chose. thanks a lot again.
You will then write a review of the film. The details to include in your review are as follows:
Title page.
Well-developed introductory paragraph and thesis statement related to how the content of the film, though historical in nature, relates to some contemporary international and global issue and/or problem.
One- to two-page (250-500 words) synopsis of the film.
One- to two-page section dealing with how the topic of the chosen film relates to a contemporary international and global issue and/or problem. Be sure also to articulate how politics, cultural differences, economics, and religions may shape various perspectives and proposed solutions to these problems.
Personal reaction (at least 250 words) to the film, including what you learned from viewing the film and what was most surprising to you.
Concluding paragraph.
List of References (one reference required, additional references encouraged to deal with the “contemporary” elements within the project).
You should cite the sources you use for information and to support your conclusions using Chicago/Turabian or APA format.