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Table of contents


Research objectives/hypotheses

Literature reviews

Methodology: research

design, data collection, sample and sampling process and the statistical analysis techniques used

Results: sample characteristics, findings

and interpretations

Limitations of the study

Conclusions and Recommendations



The content should

cover the followin

Explanation, justification and discussion ofthe analyses.

Communication of findings

Discussion, interpretation, and


Conclusions and limitations
In this assignment, a sample of the questionnaire has been provided, Our mission is to access at
least 25 respondents through various channels and enter the results of the questionnaires into SPSS to generate the results and then analyze

and discuss the results. references need 35. submitted in 12 pointTimes New Roman font, at 15 line spacing,




Seven Women is a development organisation that has economically and socially empowered ov er 5000 women out of poverty through

literacy, skillstraining and income generation over the past 10 years ( One of the ways in which, sev en women has been

able to dev elop into a sustainable organisation, isto hav e supporting businesses which bring touriststo the centre. E
Hands On Dev elop me nt

is a Tour company that has been created by the Founder of Seven Women. It leads immersion tours into the hearts and lives of the Nepalese

people and gives access to some very unique experiences such as visiting a slum, a fair trade factory, and organisations focussing on a

number of different issues including trafficking and Fred Hollows eye hospital. Hands On Dev elopment Tours gives participants an opportunity

to hav e life enriching travel experiencesthat are off the touristtrail and transformative and empowering for both the locals and

participants ( Hands on developmenttours visit seven women as part of their itinerary where people participate

in cooking classes led by the women, fair trade prayer flag making classes, and basic Nepali for travellers’ classes. The visitto sev en

women is an example 0 how Hands on Tours create connection and opportunities of empowerment asthe women build confidence in skills such as

training and teaching visitors, which prepare them for employment in areas of hospitality and manufacturing.

The tours hav e been running

for‘o; years. Initially the Founder had students in mind, but asthe tours are open to everyone, a lot of middle-aged women were

app ying.

The target market are now two groups including (1) Middle aged women (45- 60) and (2) Students (18-30).

Hands on Development
needs your help to understand the target market (their needs and desires& to properly target the tours with effective marketing materials,

copy and a new website that capture whatthese two main groups are loo ing for. A marketing strategy is also needed. The tours are targeted
towards females. Some of the questions include:

1. How should these tours be marketed effectively to these target groups? By understanding

our target markets better, we are able to know whatthey are looking for in their travel experiences.

2. How do we capture the essence of

the tours and communicate clearly what they are about in our marketing materials? Eg. What part of the tours is appealing for the different
age groups (making a difference, hands on learning, embassy visits, world heritage sites and tourist attractions, Chitwan national park

3. Is there anything they fear that is holding them back? What considerations do the different groups make when they look for

trav el experiences, which determinestheir choice? Eg. Accommodation, food, local transport, safety etc?

4. By analysing already existing

marketing materials of the tour company (including website, facebook, instagram, brochures etc) how can we suggest improvements after
understanding the different marketing messagesfor the two different markets.

Currently there is confusion about whatthistour actually is

and what type of tourism itfalls under. It’s not adv enture travel, and it’s not Contiki style travel. Atthe moment the tours are

promoted as study tours/ cultural immersions- but they are a lot more asthey cover a wide v ariety of activities. Hands On Development would
like to clarif this and position itself in the market through this research project.

The data coilected in this surv ey should be both i
quantitativ e and qualitativ e to enhance the understanding of the data collected and all questions focussed on finding out more about the
target markets hopes and desires/ barriersto purchase and how to market effectively. For this reason, an analysis of the currenttour
marketing will be needed.