Final Exam – Juvenile Justice-SOC315

“Short Essay” Questions:

Article One:

Article Two:

Article Three:

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In correlating the materials, identify the various aspects of the juvenile justice system. This can include: who the juveniles identified in the article are (characteristics), the type of offenses they committed (minor versus serious) and how where they addressed by the juvenile justice system (juvenile or transferred to adult courts). Indicate if the decisions made benefited the juveniles and how so? In addition, you may also have to anticipate a potential outcome of the incident, if any (what should be the punishment) for the juvenile(s) transgression(s) and how you think it might be effective. The articles are your reference point, do not retell the article, but correlate the materials covered in class and in the text to each of the articles.

If the hyperlink does not work, my suggestion is you copy and paste the URL into your web browser to view the article