Final Project Report

Using the template provided, prepare the final project report.
Final Project Report Template
The final report should be at least 8-10 pages in length. Included in the final project report will be the following:
a. Executive summary
b. Project background / project overview
c. Major Activities / Milestones
d. Project Closure synopsis
e. Project metrics Performance
f. Project Management Issues






















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Project Name: Prepared By:
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Project Final Report


Executive Summary
• Include the following information:
o Project name and type, project description, project accomplishments, funding, completion date and any additional information


Project background / Project Overview







Major Activities / Milestones
(Reference the project overview in the course project introduction)

Activities / Milestones
Main Activity Planned
Time (days) Actual Time
(days) Time Deviation
(days) Major Reason for deviation

Project End


Project Closure Synopsis
• Is the project being closed because all project objectives and deliverables have been met?
• Or is the project being closed for other reasons (loss of funding, shift in strategy, customer’s demand, etc.)?]

Project metrics performance

Goals and Objectives Performance
• Did the project achieve the goals set in the beginning of the project?


Milestones and delivery performance
• Summarize the milestones in the milestone chart listed above

Budget Performance
• Make an assumption on the final project budget outcome



Project Management Issues

Human Resource Management
Make assumptions on the following:
• What resource needs changed during the project?
• Outline the steps to be taken in shifting project resources to other projects.
• Explain how project knowledge (IP) from project team members will be captured and retained for future projects.]


Risk Management
Refer back to week 4 (evaluating project risks)
• Summary of project risks and any outstanding risks remaining

Customer Expectations
Make assumptions on the following:
• Were the customer expectations met? If not why? Any outstanding expectations remaining?


Lessons Learned
Make assumptions on the following:
• What went well
• What could have been improved upon


Project Closure Recommendations
Make assumptions on the following:
• Any recommendations to the project team or the organization’s senior management team. The main recommendation stated in the report would be to obtain project closure.



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