Finalize Selection of a Funder

You describe your project nicely and have also explained why you chose this project to pursue. You have adequately explained why your project should be funded and why it is better than what is currently being offered. You have provided evidence-based research to support your views.

As this is your first paper in this course, I am grading leniently this week. This is only week where this will be the case.

Below are suggestions for ensuring that you receive optimal points for future assignments (if you are not doing these already):

Make sure you follow APA format for scholarly papers. There is sample APA paper in doc sharing section of the course. Scholarly papers should contain title page, reference list and they should be double spaced.

Make sure your turnitin score remains low. Papers with high scores earn half credit in this course. Some instructors submit high scoring papers for academic review. Your score is 22%, but that is probably because of similarity to discussion post.

Make sure you provide in text citations for statements of fact in your papers. You may be correct in your statements, but academic sources are necessary for proof.
An example:
Cognitive behavior theory addresses how thinking changes behavior (Turner, 2008).

Your reference list should also be double spaced.
You should also refer to the APA Publication Manual, 6th edition for help with APA format. The writing center is also an excellent resource. Purdue OWL is also resource for APA writing. This is resource of Purdue University that is shared publicly. The web address is: https://owl.english.purdue