D. Your role is as the chief administrative officer of a large non-profit health relief organization.

Prepare an 8 to 10 page paper, plus references, on the following topic:

You are in the role of a chief administrative officer for a large non-profit health relief organization. A board of directors has requested that you prepare a summary of the issues about how to solve the health needs of an African country. Your organization has limited funding and will need to obtain subsidized medicine from major pharmaceutical companies. They also have the opportunity to get non-generic, non-USDA approved, alternative stem cell-derived medication from foreign sources.

Prepare a report for the mayor and city council on your proposed expenditure plan reflecting on the key course objectives. In this report, you should accomplish the following tasks:
o Examine the differences between the public and private sector accounting principles.
o Integrate fund accounting and financial controls.
o Assess the approaches of control and management of public expenditures with a recommendation of the best approach.
o Explain government financial reporting requirements
o Analyze financial statements and budgets to make appropriate administrative decisions, and apply the budgets as a disciplinary process.