Financial Management

Students are required to submit a short research paper of not more than 10 pages (excluding table of contents, bibliography, tables, charts etc.) on one of the topics identified in the list below (the topics will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis). The paper will deal with introducing the topic, identifying key issues, current state of activity in the area and future directions. The students will deliver on these items by identifying and using the leading research in the area from the latest editions of the finance journals (the students should use at least four academic and four professional/business journals).
The research project should provide a comprehensive overview of the topic by integrating the topics covered in this course as they impact the area. Special consideration will be paid to the integration of finance topics while grading these projects, as such students are encouraged to develop their papers in a manner which will highlight their understanding and integration of the topics covered in this course as part of their research project.
Falling Oil Prices and their Long-term and Short-term Impact on the Ordinary Investor