Write an essay on perspectives, ideas, and insights on the analysis and assessment of the ethical and economic challenges related to health care policy decisions presented in the Washington Post article – see attached document1. How do policymakers evaluate and determines which health care services should be financed or covered through government or public programs or by private insurers? How policy decisions currently are made about what will and will not be paid for and what changes, if any, could improve the process? How do ethics-related questions or ethical aspects and other considerations play into this evaluation process? How does this type of situation (presented in Washington Post Article) contribute to the tension between cost and care? Please use the additional attached documents references 1,2,3 4 – to be synthesized in order to substantiate the information on the essay, validate ideas, expand insights and perspectives.

Document_2_Reference_1.docx Document_3_Reference_2.docx Document_4_Refernce_3.docx Document_5_Reference_4.docx Document1_Washington_Post.docx