Distinguish between the different forms of revelation.
One of the key elements of knowing God is that He reveals Himself to us.
Without that revelation we could hardly know God at all, and some would even
say we could not know Him at all. Understanding the different ways that God
reveals Himself to us is crucial to understanding who God is and how we are to
live in response to Him.
Review the section on revelation within the Bibliology chapter in the
textbook by Enns.
Consider how revelation is simply God revealing Himself to us; the real
question is how He does this.
Write a 2-3 page paper explaining the two methods that God uses to reveal
Himself to us. Give biblical examples of each type and then show
personal application of how both of these forms of revelation apply to you
today. Ensure the following points are addressed.

0 Define both types of revelation, including any subcategories.

0 Use Scripture references for both types of revelation.

O Show application of the concept of revelation to your life. (This is
not meant to be a testimony of your salvation, or any special
message you may have received, but rather, how you have noticed
the kinds of revelation as described by General and Special
Revelation discussed in Enns).

O Provide at least two academic resources.