Flannery O’Connor “Good Country People” Post Modernism

Paper instructions:
Paper instructions:
Choose ONE of these stories below and use the guidelines below.
Flannery O’Connor “Good Country People”
Art Spiegelman from Maus “Mouse Trap”
Ralph Ellison “Battle Royal”

Choose a pivotal moment (a sentence, a passage, a scene) that you believe exposes a dominant theme or tendency in the text through Post Modernism.

Identify the author, the text, and the moment about which you will write. Provide a close reading of this moment, making an argument about how it exposes Post Modernism.

Relate that close reading to the text as a whole, and note whether you believe that this close reading can help to contribute to an understanding of the unit’s theme, explaining how or why you think this is the case.

5. This is a critical response to the texts, not an opinion piece, biographical background of the author, a book review or plot summary. You only have 2-3 pages in which to do this. Jump right into your argument.
2-3 pages, typed, double-spaced.

10-12 point type, with 1-inch margins.

Papers should conform to MLA style for citation.