Flight Attendant

MUST be in APA format!! MUST be in 3rd person!! MUST include references from 5 sources including (1) book, (1) professional journal from the Flight Sttendant career, (1) professional website, and (2) additional sources of choice. I have provided the outline for the essay. There MUST be a total of (4) paragraphs. (1) Paragraph based on the specific career including the nature of the work, education skills, training/personality traits required for success, average salaries, and labor market outlook. (1) Paragraph based on a specific employer(s) who would hire someone with this chosen career interest, the size of the organization, brief history, mission/vision statements, clients or customers, and products or services. (1) Paragraph based on the typical career path and the advances available in the career. What is an entry level position? Is there more than one career path? What middle to upper positions are available? (1) Paragraph based on personal reaction. How has this research confirmed or changed career path thoughts and why? Which aspects of the career are likeable/dislikeable? Specifically state how this is a good career match and why. Include a Referance Page.