FOR the Bible tells me so


Written assignment Gordon Rule course. 1000-2000 words watch the following documentary For the Bible tells me so -
Then answer the following questions. Make sure you number the answers. . You will need at least three academic references besides the video. Make sure you use in text parenthetical references, APA style, and a works cited page, also APA style.

1. Give a summary in no more than 100 words

2. What are the causes of the problem the video describes? (You need to research the topic for this question. Write your in text references by using APA style).

3. Which segments of society benefit from this situation? (Do not answer that nobody benefits. Some societal segments, do. Please think deeply about this and answer as a functionalist would).

4. Conflict theorists would say that this problem is the result of competition between social groups or social classes. Give examples of how one social group is the dominant one and tries to exert its dominance on the weaker group.

5. What social changes are needed to alleviate the problem?