For the Chosen Company “Costa Coffee”


Analyse the external and internal marketing environment for your chosen company(Costa Coffee). Your essay should consider both the macro and micro marketing environment of your chosen firm and in doing so, discuss what main events and trends are likely to impact your firm’s market over the next few years? Thus, your essay should focus on current and future occurrences in the macro and micro marketing environments that may impact your firm. You should not focus solely on the past. You must also consider and make sense of your findings using SWOT analysis. Finally, based on this information, you should make strategic recommendation for your chosen firm.
Your essay should contain the following headings;
? Introduction
? Introduction to the firm
? External marketing environment
? Internal marketing environment analysis
? SWOT analysis
? Strategic recommendations
You can draw from the Market Reports such as MINTEL and KEYNOTE, but do not merely reproduce these. Rather you should use these in conjunction with other material which you have found.