foreign direct investment

.Analyze an emerging and a developed country as a possible site for a “foreign direct investment”.

Also suggest what international strategies should the firm follow in their new foreign markets, with appropriate reasons to support your strategic choice. You selection of countries should be limited to the following choices:

“Emerging”: Brazil, China, Russia, India and South Africa (choose one from these five)

“developed”: Australia, Japan or Canada (choose one from these three)
Choose a British firm from one of the three sectors

1. British Business in Grocery Retail

2. Service Industry (including Management Consultants and Accountants)

3. Large British Manufacturer

You should conclude as to which country will be the host of your investment – your final decision/ recommendation must be supported and justified.

Report structure
•Title page
•Table of content
•Executive summary (???)
•Company introduction
•Evaluating and analyzing developed and developing economies (perform a PESTEL analysis of both countries)
•Strategic choice
•Final recommendation
Some tips for analysis

You could consider following issues while making business decisions

— advantages and disadvantages of investing in each country

— nature of investment and how critical is legal system to safeguard your investment

— some risks are more prominent than others, which ones

Please remember these are only some examples which you could consider while talking decision
Using theories

Explain what are the key issues to your investment

Use relevant theories to strengthen your arguments (for e.g. Porter’s diamond hold competitive advantage in an industry)
Try not to repeat

Be critical in appraising theories and convincing while arguing for key theme
Strategic options

Suggest a best strategic option for firm in the new international market

You could use firm’s prior international expansion as a reference point
Final recommendations

Justify your choice of investment by reflecting on major issues identified issues identified earlier in analysis part

Avoid very strong inferences unless you are totally backed with academic support and relevant data

Key is to provide an informed decision based on an appropriate analysis of relevant risks